Exclusive Discount! Meal Delivery Service

Nashville friends, I am so excited to share an exclusive discount code to the BEST meal delivery service in town.  A client of mine recently let me in on this little gem of a company and let me say, it has been such a game changer.  If you aren't familiar with Katie's Plates, you will absolutely be thanking me later.  Katie's Plates is a Nashville based meal delivery company that offers healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (oh and dessert!) each week delivered straight to your door!  The best part? Delivery occurs on the actual evening you elect.  The meals are already cooked and often they arrive still warm!  ALL you have to do is pop the container in the oven to re-heat and BOOM! You are minutes away from the tastiest meal you've had in months.  I honestly don't even know how she packs so much flavor into the food.  She offers a variety of options including Paleo, Gluten Free AND Whole 30! Or, if you want just good clean eating, you can do that too! 

I've been ordering one dinner and one lunch each week for a couple of weeks now.  The prices are completely reasonable if you consider what it would cost to a) buy high quality grocery items and b) spend the time whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen.  For example, a typical dinner for two people comes in around $31!  

Katie also has a location in Birmingham and it appears she's opening one in Atlanta soon.  Watch out world, Katie's Plates is taking over!  Here's the best news yet, not only do I have an exclusive discount code for you, but you ALSO get to use her new customer code.  This means you will get TWO weeks of discounted meals.  Now you have no excuse not to try it.  I have found it's so nice to take the pressure off each week knowing I have one meal that is guaranteed to be healthy and delicious and I don't have to lift a finger.  

To receive your WAYfit discount, click here for your personal code:


Again, you can also use the new customer code "kpwelcome" for another 15% off code the second time you order.  

I hope you do yourself a favor this week and place an order.  Katie is a phenomenal cook and her customer service is top notch.  It feels so good to support a local business all the while doing something good for myself and my family.  Please keep me posted on your experience; I would love to know what meals you loved!