Work travel? Limited time? For you ladies that travel often or have busy work or mom schedules (um hello, everyone??), I have an option that allows you to continue training even when it’s not possible to get together in person.  If you still want the accountability of a face-to-face session, I offer FaceTime training.  The only thing you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and a Wi-Fi connection!  Don’t have access to weights? No problem, your body weight is more than sufficient!


My general recommendation is 2 written workouts or FaceTime sessions per week. This would be in conjunction with you being active on your own an additional 1-3 days per week. If getting to the gym or getting outside for a long walk isn’t something you can achieve on your own, I suggest 3 sessions per week.


facetime training

$85.00 each



FaceTime packages are sold in packages of 5 or 10 and expire after 7 weeks of the start date. Five session packages are only available to clients who train one day per week. This expiration is in an effort to promote accountability when our weeks get busy. For example, if you have something come up and need to cancel an upcoming session, the expiration on the package encourages rescheduling versus all out canceling, therefore you get in your 2 workouts that week. Purchase your first package below and get this thing started!

*credit and debit cards accepted