So, what exactly is “Closer to Clean: A Not So Whole 21”? We feel it’s important to start back at the beginning. Both Rachel and Staci started on our personal food journeys about 8 years ago for very different reasons. I (Staci) struggled with depression and skin issues. I (Rachel) joined a crossfit gym and was introduced to the idea of Paleo eating; it was a wakeup call that cereal and ice cream for dinner was not sustainable. Over the years we have tried a LOT of programs, cleanses, lifestyles etc. and what we have learned is that many of them are just a whole lot. A whole lot of rules. A whole lot of prep. A whole lot of math. A whole lot of white knuckling it by yourself with zero support.

So, one August day in the summer of 2018, we started talking about what it would look like to create a program that would help people like us learn practical and tangible ways to achieve better overall health including food freedom, weight loss, better sleep, increased energy, better skin and mental clarity (goodbye brain fog). Or, to put it plainly, we wanted to create a program that would help people shut down their excuse factories (yes, we all have one we’ve been operating for years). Within one day of being launched, we had more enrollments than we ever imagined. Here are a few of the messages we got and we want to share them because perhaps you can relate!? “Because I’m tired of being tired. Because after all this time, I know there will never (ever) be a good time. Because I’m sick of prioritizing everything (and everyone) else. Because, I finally realized that although my kids take all of my time, things are only getting worse with my health and my body. Because I can’t do this without accountability and support. Because, quite frankly, I need to see other people working hard at this clean eating game to keep me motivated.”

Closer to Clean: A Not-So-Whole 21 is designed to help you learn what it actually means to eat “clean”.  

Closer to Clean: A Not-So-Whole 21 is designed to help you learn what it actually means to eat “clean”. This 21 day journey provides daily motivation, coaching and encouragement, and an 80+ page ebook that outlines clear guidelines about what you will choose to eat and avoid, specific meal ideas and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks! Additionally, we included 3 weekly meal plans with grocery lists. We want to make eating clean as easy as possible!

The best part? You get to LIVE your life during these 21 days.

We have created a space for you to invoke a hall pass of sorts at one single point during the program. You have to name it up front, but yes, you can go to that wedding and have the wedding cake! You will find nothing about calorie restriction or macro counting. You will have access to a private Facebook group where you will get continual support, inspiration, ideas and hacks from the coaches or perhaps even the other group members. Heck, maybe you will be the one cheering someone on with a fabulous new recipe you whipped up or a story of staying the course despite a difficult day!

join us on a 21 day journey to a new destination. a new YOU.

We invite you to join us on a 21 day journey to a new destination, a new YOU. If you have been starting over every Monday since the beginning of time, this program is for you. We are here to give you permission to take good care of yourself. Permission to finally realize you are worth the time and the energy it takes to feel and look great. Permission to get off the merry go round you’ve been on that drops you right back where you started every.single.time.

Our next 21 day class of 2019 is not yet scheduled; however, if you have a group of friends who would want to do a challenge together, we would love to organize a private group just for you! The total cost is $119 per person and can be paid via credit or debit card. If you want to purchase the e-book in the meantime, please feel free. The facebook group is still available for you to join but we are not actively moderating activity between classes.

Questions? Email or and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  


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