Founder, Certified Personal Trainer + NuTRITION COACH

Rachel (Waymire) DeVries is the founder and owner of WAYfit Nashville, (formerly WAYfit Chicago) a personal training, group fitness, nutrition and coaching company that provides results-driven, fun and holistically approached wellness services.

The story began in 2013 when Rachel, a 30 something independent career woman, found herself wanting more. In addition to her full time job, Rachel had a passion for health and fitness and loved nothing more than sharing her ideas and experiences with others.  So, after some serious prayer and soul searching, she signed up to be certified in personal training. She quickly built a roster of clients based on referrals alone and began training individuals and groups before and after work. Fast-forward to late 2014, Rachel and her husband, Andrew, both decided to quit their full time jobs and relocate their lives to Nashville. The southern hospitality and charm coupled with the slower pace of life were alluring.

Once settled in Nashville, Rachel snagged a job at lululemon athletica with hopes of making connections in the local health and fitness community.  Little did she know, lulu would be the launch pad to her full time training and coaching business as well as the beginning of some incredible friendships! After 6 short months of working at the store, Rachel decided to go ALL-IN with WAYfit.  She quit her job (again) and this time put all of her efforts into building up her business.  

So, here she is, continuing to grow and build WAYfit Nashville, excited to meet and transform each new client.

Rachel’s charismatic and positive attitude provide a motivational atmosphere that allows clients to push themselves past the “I can’t” attitude that ensues the moment a workout becomes challenging.  She is certified by NASM in personal training, Fit For Birth as a pre and postnatal corrective exercise specialist and Lagree Fitness as a megaformer coach.  She also has completed the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS). Rachel is also a yoga and pilates enthusiast, paleo and AIP believer and avid holistic health nut.  But above all, Rachel lives a life of balance and self-acceptance and works diligently to teach her clients to do the same! (The photos on this site were taken during Rachel’s second pregnancy around 20 weeks!)